Valorant is one of the toughest First-person shooters to have a crack at. It is harder than many other competitive games And if you want to be good at valorant you’ll have to put in many hours of practice and grind in matchmaking to be even remotely good. The reason why valorant is harder than its counterparts is that while other games focus more on the core gunplay valorant tried to do out of box things and brought abilities and agents to a tactical shooter which is now considered a great blend between good gunplay with extra levels to the skill ceiling.

In most tactical shooters, you only have to work on your aim and movement in the first phases of the skill set but in valorant, you also have to choose your agent and learn his abilities to be any good.

So if you want to be good at valorant, you are playing the game for a while.

Many things can contribute to making you good at valorant like picking an agent and learning every trick on a specific agent or you could try to sharpen your aim to the level that you could aim a pixel in a 50-meter range or you could try to learn the map and find off angles to surprise your enemies.

There are numerous things that you could do to get better at valorant and one of the best things that you could do to accelerate the process of increasing your skill level is you could hire a professional valorant coach who can give you a heads up on every mistake and wrongdoing you do in the game.

A coach will provide you with his utmost experience and train you to perform in high-octane situations. But you have to find the right coach with a good LAN experience and credentials because hiring a lousy one will not get you anything because hiring an esports coach is a hit-or-miss thing.

As the year is about to end I will list down the top 5 coaches who coach the best and most accomplished teams in the world. The list will include coaches who built their team up or got them to a certain level. I will also count in their trophy cabinet.

5. Potter:

The first coach on the list is Potter and she is currently giving her services to the evil Guinnesses team as a head coach.  The reason that she is number one on the list is because her trophy cabinet is filled with S-tier and A-tier trophies. She’s been coaching this EG team for over 3 years. She started her career in e-sports as a player for the organization she is currently coaching. Her Stats as a player are not that great either, her team was continuously failing to deliver. Soon after her shortcoming to deliver multiple times, she retired as a player And transitioned her career to be a coach at Evil Guinnesses. Unfortunately, Potter’s first couple of years coaching Evil Gunnies was not great because the team was trophy-less for most of her coaching tenure. She also got a lot of criticism from the community for picking some players but I won’t get into that. The first trophy that Evil Guinness won after Potter became their coach was the biggest one in the whole of valorant. The crown jewel of valorant esports. The Champions was her first S-tier trophy after becoming the coach. Other than that her trophy cabinet is not as filled as other coaches in this list. But if we are going to name a coach of the year then she has an absolute shot at the title.

4. Carcass:

The second coach on the list is from Lithuania his real name is “Robertas Mikuckis” and he goes by the alias of “carcass’ ‘. He is currently coaching a Gamer 2’s Valorant team. His inclusion in this list can be seen as undeserved But the thing in Valorant’s esports scene is that first there’s not a single dominant team in the scene because the game always gets updated with new meta for every passing act and episode the second thing is that because there is no top dog team hence there’s not a single coach that can be title as the best.

So getting back on the point Carcass has several trophies in his cabinet including the VCT 2022 championship the game changer one, not the actual Champions. Other than this he also has all three emea stages trophies. All in all, he is a pretty accomplished coach.

3. Chet:

The third edition on the list is Chet Singh. He is from the United States and He got one of the laziest or should I say nothing at the name of an alias. While his cabinet is not as big as other coaches the thing is that he makes a player’s combination work his way. He knows the art of managing and bringing out the best in the players. He has done more transitions to teams than you could count in fingers but he has got results with each one of them.

He started his coaching journey at Valorant with NRG the team was one of the best at that time. Later on, he got transferred to Team Solo mid. In which he got his first A-tier trophy as a coach. He also got hired as a coach by Team Envy but that tenure was short. After this back and forth team changes he finally got hired back by NRG who he is currently coaching. His trophy cabinet includes VCT 2021: North America Stage 3 Challengers 2 and the first stage trophy of 2021 masters.

Hire A Professional Coach:

So we have passed through the halfway point of the blog and I think now you might have an idea about how important the role of a coach is. So if you want to get good at the game you could use professional coaching for valorant. To be at the top of your skill. A coach will not only give you his experience but will also provide a list of things to do or things to practice before hopping in on a match.If you ask for my opinion on finding a professional coach then you can hire valorant coach at immortalboost.

2. d00mbr0s:

The runner-up on the list is the guy who is from Sweden. He is a 28-year fps coach who is currently providing his services at “Natus Vincere”. The reason that he is not at the number one spot on the list is because he is one of the best in the world. Despite his great work ethic and results his team just doesn’t win in the biggest stages. That is the defining reason for him not being the number 1 coach on the list. His trophy cabinet includes VCT 2022 stage 2 masters, G-Loot VALORANT Clash – Grand Finals, and VCT 2022: EMEA Stage 1 Challengers. He has become a head coach for the Na’Vi side and things are looking promising for him.

1. Mini:

The best coach in the valorant scene currently is Mini. He is 29 Years and is currently living in the UK. Mini’s real name is “Jacob Harris” he is an ex-CS: GO and CS Source player. So that could be the partial reason why he is coaching so well for his team. Mini IS coaching the current Fnatic team and his team has done exceptionally well in the previous years. His trophy cabinet has some of the biggest trophies in the whole of Valorant. The titles that Fnatic has won under his coaching are VCT 2023: LOCK//IN São Paulo, VCT 2023: Masters Tokyo, and VCT 2021: Stage 2 Masters – Reykjavík. I didn’t include all of his trophies here because I wanted you to have an idea about his excellence. All in All, Mini and his time in Fnatic have been the best for him and Fnatic and essentially for the whole esports scene of valorant.

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