We present a complete guide to help new players and especially people who have never ventured into FPS. Step by step, we will explain the basics to you so that you know how to master the different aspects of this game and that you can have fun in this unique and incredible universe.

Getting started in the game

When you are new to Overwatch, you may take some time to get your bearings. This is quite normal, because the practice comes while playing. However, we can give you some tips and tricks to master certain aspects of the game.

Care kits

Overwatch maps offer many healing kits that will heal you in difficult times. They exist in two formats:

  • Small Healing Kit: Restores 75 health and has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Large Healing Kit: Restores 250 health and has a 15 second cooldown.

Note that the spawn points for these kits are fixed. It is important to remember their location as it can save you from certain death.

Use your ultimate ability wisely

You have to correctly judge the opportune moment in order to use this rather long capacity to recharge and which can sometimes save a game. Using this ability on a single enemy can get frustrating very quickly when later teammates arrive in a strong and organized group.

Additional armor points

Heroes like Symmetra and Torbjörn can grant you additional armor points and they will not be negligible during a game. Whether you play this hero or have one of your teammates take on this role, feel free to claim / apply a [skill = photon-shield] or an Armor Module.

A circle of healing for your allies

If you are playing Soldier 76, feel free to throw your Biotic Field at the feet of your team. It will heal them, and this situation is quite comfortable when your healer has just died, and you have to wait for his return.

Discovery zone

Pay close attention to open areas on a map with high access points. These platforms are the refuge of snipers like Widowmaker who can quickly take down targets in her firing window.

Play in a group

While it’s exhilarating to rack up kills on your current hero, Overwatch is first and foremost a team game. Aim for the objectives with your team and not the kill counter by going solitary towards the enemy.

Recognize dialogues of ultimate abilities

During the game, players will cast their ultimate ability by speaking a specific phrase for each hero. It is recommended to retain them in order to take cover quickly if it comes from the opposing team or take the opportunity to take advantage of the situation if it comes from your team.

Do not hesitate to modify the controls of the game

The comfort of the player, when he controls his character is important and can also be decisive in a game. By default, the keys for forward, backward, left, right are Z, S, Q and D on an AZERTY keyboard. For example, do not hesitate to modify them if you are left-handed in order to benefit from a better grip. This maneuver can be performed via the in-game options.

How to Quickly Increase Rank in Overwatch

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