Valorant is a challenging game to master. If you genuinely want to win more ranks, you’ll need to master the different agents and weapons. However, the most critical decision you must make is which agent to play. Mastering Raze’s skills come first if you’re planning to play Valorant. It would be best if you mastered Raze to be the pro of the game.

Raze is one of the most intriguing characters in the Valorant universe. While he’s an excellent all-around attacker, his talents have a lot of room for improvement. These talents have already resulted in some fascinating technological manoeuvres. You can make a lot of progress as Raze if you play with a well-balanced squad. Raze is endowed with excellent skills.

Boom Bot

Let’s begin with Boom Bot, Raze’s initial ability. The adorable tiny robot works similarly to a Roomba, except instead of cleaning your floor, it may assist you in wiping away the map. If the robot bounces off a wall, it will scamper forward and change direction. If it locates an adversary, it will latch onto them and detonate, delivering massive damage – but your opponents can eliminate them before the explosion.

If your robot cannot locate any opponents, you risk disclosing your position, so be cautious. The Boom Bot costs 150 credits for each pop, so it’s a good investment – no need to scatter them all over the place!

Blast Pack

Blast Pack, like Paint Shells, causes friendly fire damage. The explosion in this blast pack will inflict 75 damage with a perfect strike. So be cautious when employing Blast Pack in the presence of allies. 

Blast Pack does not harm you, so you can use it to go to places that would otherwise be unreachable. Connect a Blast Pack to the bottom of the wall, then leap over it and detonate if you’re having problems pushing yourself upward.

Paint Shells

Paint shells burst into mini munitions, which then explode for maximum damage. By launching these super-deadly weapons, raze punishes opponents hiding in corners, doors and attempting to flee. Paint shells, on the other hand, can only take 90% of the damage.

Before tossing the shells, it’s a good idea to take cover. After launching the grenade, raze cannot fire for one second, allowing adversaries to push as soon as the grenade’s pin goes off. 

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